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Kango Naturals

Kango Naturals - developed in 2015

History: This family opened a beauty business established in Toronto in 1950.

Young Immigrants from Europe they worked together and

passed down their knowlege and clientele to: Michelle Messina, their talented and spiritual daughter, who leads the company today

with extention beauty products to make people look and feel their best,

using the finest raw ingredients from around the world.

Michelle Messina, leads and creates all products by hand with European flair while being grounded to nature.

With one big goal in mind: No chemicals

Natural products do have a shorter shelf life, therefore these products are made artisan and custom.

Products are made monthly and can be found on-line or directly.

Soaps are cured for up to 8 months making them last longer than most soaps.

Wholesale and supplies for DYI are availble upon request with minium order of $50

Co-branding optins are also available inquire.





Michelle Messina at CHFA where she presented her video for LibreTea & intorduced the natural world to her Natuaral Beauty product line

Canadian Health & Food Association

Industry Only Conference & Expo


Kango Soaps

Kango Natural Soaps


Lip balms currently registered for sale.


Spiritual Soap Kango Inc

Spiritual Soap

Olive Oil with Lemongrass Essential Oil




Sam Graci Endorses Kango's natural Soap

During CHFA Conference

September 20, 2016


Training - Aromocology France - Sept. 2018

Hygiene Conference - New Orleans - Oct. 2018

Training - Perfumery - Montreal - Nov. 2018

Packaging Conference Montreal - Nov 2018


Kango Products:

Diffusers with reeds - an array of options

Air Sprays - Air-Aroma

Soap (Cold Press made from Olive Oil and Coconut Oil cure time 8 months)

Lip balms: Natural and Pomegranite Red

Bath Salts using Dead Sea Salt

Massage Oil

Bottle Dead Sea Mud

Essential Oils Resale

Newest: Balaneed Aroma Blends


New Men's Line:

Shaving Bar with Sicilian volcanic ash, Olive Oil & Essencial Oil with Organic Basil grown by Michelle's father,


Michelle's Innovations:

Innovative Soap on a rope that floats - July 18, 2015

Loofa Soap wash with hand strap - Dec. 1, 2017

Deodorant in a jar - Sicilian Volcanic Ash - Mar, 16, 2018

Deodorant Scrub Soap - Nov. 7, 2018


NEW: Lip Balm March 15, 2018

New Red

Natural Lip Balm - Kango Naturals

Natural Nude, Banana, Natural Red made with Pomegranite enzymes

Products Registered with Health Canada


When it's all natural it's great for kids too:

Kids Soap - Kango Naturals


Our facility and cleanliness standards: Sophisticated Air purifier, i-Robot cleans floors hourly,

all water used is either distilled or purified using Mavea German leader in water purification.

Facility is not used for preparing food.

Michelle Messina holds:

Food Handling certificate (though not handling food learned about handling standards and contamination)

CPR advanced

Cosmetics Maker Certificate

Soap Maker Certificate

Organic Soapmaking Training

Who has trained in: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, France, LA - Canada 2013, 2016, 2018

Venice - Italy 2014

Sedona, Pheonix - USA 2016, 2017, 2018

Massachusetts - USA 2017

Los Angeles - USA 2018

New Orleans - USA 2018

Serves on the boad of directors at The Soapmakers Guild of Canada





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