Kango Naturals

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Kango Naturals beauty products were created in 2015

continuing their family's unisex beauty business established in Toronto since 1950

Their talented and spiritual daugher, Michelle Messina, leads and creates all products by hand with a European flair who is grounded to nature.


Michelle Messina at CHFA where she presented her video for LibreTea & intorduced the natural world to her Natuaral Beauty product line

Michelle directed a corporate video

through her company Pocket Pictures

that ran at CHFA &

Kango distributes products in attendance at



Kango Soaps

On-line: buy


Contact for special orders: Custom Orders





Spiritual Soap Kango Inc

Spiritual Soap - high energy life force, made on a full moon

Limited Packaging

All our paper is from recycled pulp,

and non-laminted.

Michelle has served and implementd rycling programs as a

3R Ambassador with the city of Toronto


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