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Recent News Clippings of Michelle Messina maker and president of Kango Naturals

The 21st Century enters a whole new world of values

Michelle Messina inventor and creator of first food container with pocket - patented

Started at a young age to bring health and safety to consumers with the first

Popcorn bag with pocket to hold: wetnaps, toothpicks and napkins

Luncheon bags were to follow and can be purcahsed through Kango Inc.

The new line of Kango Naturasl takes health to the next level

Cancer is the worst killer in our country. The only way to keep the harmful chemicals that destroy our

cells away is through good healthy eating and using products on our skin that is nurishing

and not dangerous to our skin and overall health. The only way to do this is through Natural food and products.

One of the most inspiring moments

Sir Richard Branson & Michelle Messina

Sir Richard Branson & Michelle Messina

Shaking the president's hands of the Virgin Empire

made me feel real good about my brand Fruitful Sex

How something so wholesome can be contraversal

and allow for such creative magic!

"Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit" Kahil Gibran

Quannu amuri tuppulìa, 'un lu lassari 'nmenzu la via. Sicilian Proverb
English translation: When love knocks, be sure to answer.

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