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It started with an Idea!

Michelle Messina was the inventor of a pocket onto a popcorn bag

After years of reseach and development it expaned to any food container with an auxilary pocket and a Canadian Patent was issued

Kevin O'Leary on The Dragon's Den wanted to buy this Patent and company

In this blind interview, one season one, not knowing the show nor O'Leary, Michelle Messina turns down a 800,000 dollar a year royalty deal

based on him not disclosing his name and without a solid guarantee that he would manufacture

Kevin shocked by the her declining he waved $25,000 cash in her face upfront.

Keeping her intital investment cost in mind and truly wanting to serve the public with better hygeine she turned down the deal

in fear he would flip the deal and would only gain the $25,000 deal upfront.

In 2010 A Good Dragon was born; Brett Wilson

When Michelle's mother informed her that Brett Wilson will be hosting the Polo for Heart & Stroke

Michelle contacted the publisist, who is a friend of hers, and offered to sponsor the event with Kango popcorn bags with pocket

holding: a wetnap, toothpick, napking, discount coupon from Kernels and her business card.

Kernerls Sponsored her for her innovation and charitable deed.

Visit Kango Inc to learn more and see pics

In 2015

Kango Naturals line of beauty products were created

Michelle Messina President - Kango Naturals

to continue their family's beauty business established in Toronto since 1950

To a young couple who met in Toronto, from Europe.

Their talented and spiritual daugher, Michelle Messina, leads and creates all products by hand with a European flair who is grounded to nature.

During the launch of Kango Naturals, in Septemeber of 2015

Michelle Messina was asked for hire to prepare luxury soaps for an exclusive TIFF event

It was that moment that she realized when she was prepared to let go of the Patent dream & go into a different direction

that her vision came true

Michelle Messina, jumped back into the opportunity she had dreampt for years and asked if they would

be interested in an exclusive opportunity by offering pockets on the popcorn bags.

Cineplex Odeon approved the addition of her Patented product to be

added to their bags for this event:

The Opening of Toronto International Film Festival with the movie of Forsaken with a exclusive question period with Kieffer Sutherland.

To this rebirthing Kango Inc. with it's original idea.

To her good fortune she was also hired exclusively film the celebrity actor Kieffer Sutherland with there company Pocket Pictures

whereby she has been a successful film and video director for 13 years.

Michelle Messina, the inventor of a pocket on a paperbag/food container was introduced at

Cineplex Odeon Varity VIP Theatre at the end of the screening of: "Forsaken"

also starring Donald Sutherland

and so so called World Premiere of her invention too!

Michelle presented the popcorn bag to Kieffer who said:

"I take that back, the theatre experince has improved." Kieffer Sutherland

Watch the video to see the reference when he early said 'the theatre experience has not changed in 50 years"

Currently hand assembled with options to manufacture

At CHFA Michelle met Sam Graci who fell in love with her products and invited her to a symposium

it was there he surprised her and introduced her products to a packed hall - video.

Sam Graci endorces Kango Naturals soap and Michelle's skills as a director and marketer.

Not knowing this all would happen she had generously brought a tray of her original

German Kugel rolled balls made of natural products as a warm gesture and

Kugel.ca was born

Michelle humbly said to Graci, I am not ready for success in volumne, I am used

to handmade taylor item that are labour intensive. He replied:

"Michelle, You are Medicine for the Planet Earth and

all that composes it like a lovely symphony orchestra

that synergeticly gives off it's harmony and calming tranquility.

You unique rare individual, in time you will get on-line and share your gifts with the world."

On Septemeber 26 that is what she did, with that loving push and recognition

built Kango Naturals website effective

September 27, 2015

For the welcome of the Red Super Moon:

The sun,

the moon


the planet Earth

haven't aligned perfectly since 1982,

and won't again until 2033,

making tonight's total lunar eclipse of a supermoon a particularly special occasion.

"I thank the universe for my blessings and great forutne,

and wish to continue my success with my bags with pocket and

natural beauty product.

I shall do both.

So be it!"

Michelle Messina, Inventor, President and creator of handmade beauty products for Kango Inc & Kango Naturals. 7:37pm Sept. 27, 2015










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